BSC President, Dr. Alfonso R. Simon led the faculty, staff and student leaders of BSC in launching the project LaTakPu (Lakad-Takbo-Pulot) last February 01,2019, a physical fitness program with a twist of environmental awareness and preservation. The said program involves picking up plastic trash and litter along the way while walking, jogging and running as part of the College physical activities. This is done by the faculty, staff and students every first Friday of the Month. For its initial route, the BSC family walked, jogged and ran from the BSC Campus to Valugan Boulder Beach and back while picking up plastic trash and garbage along the way. Several large plastic bags were filled with plastic litter and trash picked along the route by the faculty and staff which were properly disposed off.
Dr. Simon urged the BSC family to be environmental advocates and eco warriors. He also encouraged them to do this even if they are walking/ jogging/ running alone or with group as part of their physical exercise. He hoped that other Ivatans or Tourists will also do the same to help preserve and conserve the beauty and cleanliness of the Province of Batanes, adding that “if we all do a little we can do a lot.”
The management also took the opportunity to use the project to participate in the #Kalikasan2019 Challenge. Where the public is challenged to clean a specific area by picking-up the trashes and make a significant change in quest for a cleaner and greener environment. This is also a prelude to the celebration of the National Earth Day. The entire faculty, staff and personnel drove to Brgy. Radiwan, Ivana, in a remote beach area where very few frequents and were welcomed by tons of plastic bottles, wrappers, rubber, slippers, and other forms of non-biodegradable trash and garbage littered along the coastline.
The BSC Family Eco-Warriors collected a whopping 36 large trash bags of plastic bottles and various non-biodegradable materials.
“Sa LaTakPu nakaexercise kana, pinawisan ka na, nakatulong ka pa sa pagpapanatili ng kalinisan sa kapaligiran.”