Photos taken during the delivery of CHED student assistance to recipients

The CHED Grant-in-Aid Program Allowance for the First Semester of SY 2019-2020 for Student-Scholars has already been released by CHED-RO2. Since the student-recipients are not allowed to go out of their houses/boarding houses, and considering that the resumption of classes may still be several weeks away, the BSC has decided to deliver the scholarship/allowances to the scholars in their respective homes on 28 March 2020.

While the staffs may not be obliged to do this and instead just wait for the resumption of classes for them to receive their scholarship allowances, they decided to do it anyway as another gesture of BSC’s assistance, compassion and empathy to their students in these difficult times. the anagement know for a fact that this may be a time where their need for their allowances is most crucial and their BSC Family, will again do whatever they can to help them.