BSC endures level 1 accreditation College prexy hopes all programs accredited before SY ends
by: Edmund E. De Los Santos

DETERMINED TO escalate the delivery of quality education, Batanes State College submitted its five academic programs for another salvo, this time, for level 1 accredi -tation under the auspices of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) on June 29-July 02 this year.

The academic programs namely: Bachelor of Science in Ho -tel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, and Bachelor of Sci-ence in Industrial Technology hur -dled the preliminary survey visit of accreditors held last April.

During the first visit, areas evaluated include the delivery of the university’s mission, vision, goals and objectives, faculty, cur -riculum and instruction, student and support services, research, ex -tension, library services, physical plant and facilities, and laborato -ries.

Led by Dr. Danilo S. Hilario, the accrediting team for the pre -liminary survey visit was com -posed Dr. Marina S. Quezada, Dr. Lydia P. Libunao, Dr. Antriman V. Orleans, Dr. Emma C. Ventura, Dr. Zoraida E. Bartolome, Dr. Julius A. Sareno, Dr. Franco D. Nero, Dr. Digna C. Ramos, Dr. Irene Gina G. Cruz and Dr. Fausto S. Hilario; all of whom came from variegated ac -credited universities and colleges in Luzon.

Accompanying the results of the accreditation was the list of strengths and weaknesses of each area per academic program. The list was handed in to the chairper -sons of the departments so that they could strategize to surpass the upcoming accreditation levels.

According to the Dr. Edwin F. Macaballug, College President, the faculty members of various depart -ments were designated to prepare documents for their respective ar -eas for accreditation.

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