Campus gets face-lift Additional classrooms, buildings underway
by: Wendelyne A. Gulaga

IF BSC were an eagle, it would now be soaring higher towards ex -cellence, so to speak.

In order to accommodate a booming number of enrollees, Ba -tanes State College is constructing additional 14-room, two-storey building which is scheduled to be operational before the year ends.

In fact, two classrooms coming from the fund of Rep. Henedina R. Abad were inaugurated during the College Foundation Day. The remaining rooms are on their finishing touches. The funding of the edifice comes from the 2013 Capital Outlay of the campus.

Said building is connected to the main/administration building, which will later on be connected to the current Office of the President.

When asked about the future use of the rooms, Macaballug opined that some of the rooms will become the permanent offices of the frontline service providers of the academe.

Hands on in the on-going con-struction, the President also added that gradually his dreams to propel quick development in the campus are being realized. He also encouraged his colleagues in the academe to real -ize their dreams for the betterment of the campus.

In the meeting about the con -struction of the mentioned building, he jestingly said, “I have ‘rakuh’ [big] dreams for the College, but yours as Ivatans should have ‘rakuh-rakuh’ [bigger].

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