'Son of Batanes' Bureau of Customs Chief to inspire BSC 2017 grads
by: Kathy Joy Castillo & Rowell Salvador

THE COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the Batanes State College (BSC) 2017 will be likened to a homecoming to a “son of Batanes,” who occupies a top post in the Duterte administration.

Former Philippine Marine Captain Nicanor Escalona Faeldon, now Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs, has confirmed his attendance to stand as the Commencement Speaker before the 157 BSC graduating students today at 4:00 p.m. at the College Auditorium.

Hailed from Mahatao town, Captain Faeldon was unanimously chosen by the Academic Council because of his example as a public servant.

“Commissioner Faeldon is the best person to inspire our graduating class because he is an Ivatan worthy to be emulated,” Prof. Apoinaria A. Cielo mentioned.

Faeldon, who used to be allied with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, first gained fame when he and a group of junior officers led the Oakwood mutiny in the Makati Business District on July 27, 2003, during the Arroyo administration.

Among those who accompanied him in leading the mutiny were Army Captains Gerardo Gambala and Milo Maestrecampo and then Navy officer Trillanes.

Back then, Faeldon and the leaders of the mutiny said they staged the mutiny to protest corruption in the military and the participation of several ranking military officers in partisan politics.

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